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You can help support RSI in our mission to build a future for Rilke Schule and to ensure sustainable access to German immersion and cultural education in Alaska. Your donation also supports our efforts to keep Rilke Clubs prices affordable to ensure equitable access for all our students and their families.

As a nonprofit, donations are tax-deductible with our EIN 26-1593350.


Why Donate? Where do my funds go?

There are a variety of services and programs you can donate for. Please mark your donations appropriately to be sure it is allocated as you intend!

  • As the 501(c)3 supporting the school, RSI will work with Rilke Schule German School on outside grant or funding opportunities. RSI can take in-kind donation or monetary donations in order to meet a match requirement for specific grant opportunities
  • Rilke Clubs can receive monetary donations to support full or partial scholarships to certain club program offerings.
  • Rilke Clubs can receive in-kind donations for equipment or supplies needed to host the program as a whole or a specific program. All in-kind requests will be made through official correspondence from Rilke Clubs.


In-Kind Donations

All in-kind donation requests are approved by the RSI board and Executive Director and be requested through official correspondence. Instructors, program staff, or the RSI board will work through these channels to send out requests to parents. Please send any suggestions to


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Make an online donation at

Mail a Donation

You can make a donation by check (payable to Rilke Schule, Inc.). Please add a  note to the check stating it is a donation and for what purpose (i.e. Donation-Orff/Travel/Drama… Club):

Rilke Schule, Inc.

PO Box 230427

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