Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We will be posting the answers to common questions as we receive them.

Have I missed an e-mail about Spring Clubs?

No, you have not missed any e-mails. The preliminary club list and descriptions have been posted on the Clubs-Parent tab.  Registration will be open  December 2nd at 12:00 am. 

How do I enroll in clubs?

For information on how to enroll in clubs please select: How to Enroll←

How do I propose a new club?

Proposals for new clubs are always welcome! Email Rilke clubs with your club proposal at:

Do we have to register quarterly?

Under the new operations, registration will be per semester and payments will be monthly in order to reduce administrative work and the financial burden on parents.

What do I do if my child is on the cross country running team and wants to be part of a club offered at the same time?

Please register your child for any clubs that they will want to attend after cross-country running is over for the season. Then contact Rilke Clubs at for a credit for the overlapping time with the running team. Additionally, Herr Horner is ok with students missing one practice a week to participate in clubs like orchestra or band, where the students need to participate throughout the semester in order to keep up. Please check with Herr Horner and the club provider, to see how missing a practice may impact racing eligibility.

Do I have to pay for Lexia Club?

No, you do not have to pay for Lexia Club or the math equivalent. If your child is invited after the start of the school year to either of those clubs and they coincide with a club to which you have registered, please contact, so that a prorated credit can be generated. Lexia Club is a free service required by the Anchorage School District and families will not be charged for the time their child spends in that club or the math equivalent.